About Us

AIMUN is a not-for-profit-making organization that promotes diplomacy, arts of lobbying, round table negotiation and global communication for unity, cohesion and national development through conferences, training and workshops.
at the AIMUN Conferences, participants step into the shoes of the world leaders to proffer practical solutions to the world most daunting challenges such as: Climate Change, Discrimination & Xenophobia, Terrorism, Food & Cyber Security, Refugee, Economic and Humanitarian Crisis etc. using the foreign policy objectives of individual member state they represent.
By so doing, they acquired un-matched leadership attributes that are ordinarily difficult in the course of reading books, viewing films or surfing internet. They equally strengthened their abilities to engage in the arts of reasoned argument and spirited debate, develop and practice analytical writing, editing and public speaking. Deepen their knowledge and understanding of the world and its people for effective and efficient civic and public affairs leadership.

In this era of globalization, learning about the world is more important than ever. No matter the career choice or profession one enters, one will have to interact with people from different countries and diverse backgrounds. Youths/Students generally enjoy exploring new places, sharing common experiences with teammates and friends, and making new friends with smart and interesting participants from around the world.



To become a
World Class
MUN Organizer



To build Global
Citizens with
Diplomatic Mindsets



Diplomacy, Lobbying,
Critical Thinking and
Global Communication

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